Unique Ability with Julia Waller

Learn what it means to focus on your Unique Ability®, let go of the “shoulds,” reduce frustration, and do more of the “easy” stuff.

ADHD expert, coach, and entrepreneur André Brisson and Julia Waller, Unique Ability® Specialist, have a great conversation about one of Strategic Coach’s foundational concepts, Unique Ability®. Julia shares why it’s important to identify your Unique Ability and set up yourself to work in your Unique Ability as much as possible. 

Julia is the co-author of the book Unique Ability® 2.0: Discovery. She uses the following assessments to identify people’s Unique Ability: Kolbe A Index, CliftonStrengths®, and PRINT®: The Why of You.


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Kolbe A Index: Know your instinctive problem-solving strengths.

CliftonStrengths Assessment: Know your top strengths.

PRINT Why of You Assessment: Know your unconscious motivators. 

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