Parenting and Entrepreneurs with Julia Waller

Learn how to empower your kids to be their unique selves from an early age. Get started using Unique Ability® to be a better parent.

Julia Waller, Unique Ability® Specialist and coach from Strategic Coach®, and André discuss how the entrepreneur parent can empower their kids by learning the Unique Ability® of their kids. They discuss how being curious about how and why your kids do what they do and letting them do it their way is empowering to your kids. 

As a result, you’ll improve and deepen your relationship with your kids.

André and Julia both recommend the following assessments for your kids: Kolbe Student Aptitude Quiz and the student version of CliftonStrengths®.


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Student Aptitude Quiz: Know Your Child’s Instinctive Problem-Solving Talents 

CliftonStrengths Assessment: Know Your Child’s Top 3 Strengths 

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