A workshop experience … in a book.

Unique Ability® 2.0: Discovery

When you’re not performing at your best, it chips away at your confidence. Unique Ability® 2.0: Discovery sheds light on your passions and skills, allowing you to build self-confidence—and, in turn, a bigger future.

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Define your best self.

Find fulfillment. Your Unique Ability® is the key to a simpler and more rewarding life and business.

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Page through excerpts from Unique Ability® 2.0: Discovery. The book and accompanying notebook are tools designed to help you find your passions and support your discovery process.

About The Authors

Meet the women behind the words. Strategic Coach® leaders, authors, and Unique Ability® experts, Catherine, Julia, and Shannon have experienced the momentum and fulfillment of living a life dedicated to working in your Unique Ability.

Catherine Nomura

Part of Strategic Coach’s core leadership team, Catherine has shaped and championed many new initiatives to get entrepreneurs connected with the life-changing power of Strategic Coach thinking.

Julia Waller

Julia Waller

A key leader at Strategic Coach, Julia’s passion for the Unique Ability concept as well as her one-on-one work with hundreds of entrepreneurs led her to develop and enhance the discovery process in this book.

Shannon Waller

Shannon Waller

Creator of the Entrepreneurial Team Programs, Shannon is passionate about honoring your skills and talents in order to take advantage of the many byproducts this affords you.


When I saw my Unique Ability Statement, it was very emotional. I vibrated. It’s like when somebody tells the truth and says, ‘I know you.’ It was like after all these years, I discovered myself.

Jean-Pierre Blanchet

Investors Group

Unique Ability is brilliant. I cannot emphasize enough how critical it is to be in your Unique Ability zone in life. I know this—I’ve been in both extremes, and it’s very frustrating and stressful for you and your family when you are in the wrong job, career, or business position.

Gary Fletcher

Samelhana Limited

I’m more confident being me. I was criticized, bullied, and frowned on by other team members before going through the Unique Ability process. But once I had the clarity of my Unique Ability, it gave me the tools to build a team that resonates with who I am.

Nicola Downs

Trentham Invest Ltd.

The more you’re in your Unique Ability, the more childlike you feel. You get to play.

Dan Sullivan

Founder of Strategic Coach®

Unique Ability provides you with a deep, personal, and illuminating view of who you are. You’ll immediately recognize exactly how to overcome challenges while accomplishing new goals, objectives, and achievements.

Enrico Poggio

deciBel Research

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Validation that can change your course in life.

At the end of it all, we’re all here to home in on the skills and talents that set us apart. Start the process today with the Unique Ability® 2.0: Discovery book and accompanying notebook!

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