Pondcast with Julia Waller — Part II

In this episode, special guest Julia Waller of Strategic Coach® takes the helm and interviews Warren Barry on his unique set of talents!

For a Pondcast first, my guest got to interview me, the host. Julia is the genius behind the Unique Ability® deep dive process at Strategic Coach®. Julia walked me through my CliftonStrengths® and PRINT® results, and then added in my Kolbe results.

I have to admit that I had more than one ah-ha moment during the Pondcast. Julia is amazing at her natural talent to bring out the talents and gifts in people and then position them into day-to-day life. Having these tools in your toolbox are so imperative to understand yourself and your team. Thank you, Julia, for a very enlightening time together and giving me a first by being a guest on my own Pondcast. You are a genius.


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