Rediscover Your Unique Talents And Abilities with Julia Waller

Listen in for ways to foster your child’s unique talents at an early age and embrace their authenticity.

Surprisingly, we don’t have an immediate answer to the topic of what we’re truly good at because we’re so preoccupied with following trends that we forget about our unique qualities. Join us for this episode as Julia Waller illuminates the lifelong journey you and your kid will take to uncover the gifts already within you.

Key takeaways to listen for:

  • Unique Ability®: What it is and why it’s important to embrace it.
  • Why positive feedback is the key to discovering your unique skills.
  • How to foster your child’s unique talents at an early age.
  • Powerful ways to beat your doubts and trust your own Unique Ability.
  • How to strengthen your weaknesses while focusing on your strengths.
  • Develop a deeper connection by embracing your child’s authenticity.

About Julia Waller

Julia Waller, a teacher with a master’s degree in international education, joined the Strategic Coach® team in 1997. A key leader in the company, Julia is one of the main designers of workshop programs, tools, and systems. Her passion for Unique Ability led to the development of The Unique Ability® Discovery Process. She has worked with numerous team members and entrepreneurs to identify their Unique Ability.

She is all about uncovering people’s passions and talents, allowing them to be not only who they truly are, but to be their “best self.” She’s an invaluable resource for her clients and her team.


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