A Winning Resolution To The Capitalism Debate

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A Winning Resolution To The Capitalism Debate

As long as I’ve been alive, the most dominant contentious issue that people debate has been capitalism.
I’ve read all of the major books on the subject, and I understand the thoughts of those who think of capitalism as a generally negative force in the world. They think that capitalism creates enormous amounts of inequality, that it creates a wide gap between the wealthiest people and those that don’t have much.
I realized about 20 years ago that there’s never going to be a resolution to the debate about capitalism. The people who are pro-capitalism seem religiously fanatical about it, and the people who are against it are also very doctrinaire and dogmatic in their ways.
So I began entertaining the idea in a new way, and in observing things in the entrepreneurial world, I got an entirely new perspective on it.
Putting the focus on “Capableism.”
The word “capability” kept occurring to me as I noticed that entrepreneurs grow by expanding their own capabilities and then having such success that they can use some surplus earnings to acquire the capabilities of others. The latter can happen by hiring team members or specialists out in the marketplace.
Right from the beginning, the central force of human progress has been the growth of individual and then organizational capability. Throughout human history, the most successful individuals, groups, and societies have been the ones where there’s been a constant build-up of cooperating capabilities.
So capitalism is not the central force on the planet; it’s just one of the capabilities that’s been sparked from what I’ve termed “Capableism.”
“I think every person on the planet desires to be more capable.” – Dan SullivanClick To Tweet
All about capabilities.
People love being in situations where they can focus on their best capability and have a lot of other people’s capabilities support what they do. Together, they can produce much bigger and more enjoyable results than they could otherwise.
Some say that this is a result of capitalism, but capitalism is simply the organizing structure that’s being used. The dominant motivation for everyone in the situation is to be more capable.
Capability means control, it means results, and it means cooperation.
With a Capableism structure and philosophy, you don’t have to do things you’re not good at. Other people can do things they’re good at, and you can get the benefits of the results of one another’s work. Together, you can exponentially create things that you couldn’t do individually.
At its best, capitalism is an operating system that maximizes the diversity of human abilities to create much larger results than any other operating system that’s ever been created.
It’s ever-expanding, and at the center of it is cooperation at a new level: among strangers.
Nowadays, things happen for us in a way that’s faster, easier, and cheaper. Capitalism is an enormous factor, but at the heart of everything is something that’s universal, and that’s Capableism.


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The Power Of Unique Ability®

From time to time, we tap into a deep well of wisdom by inviting Strategic Coach clients to share their secrets to success. This post is from Joe Polish, legendary marketer, founder of Genius Network, co-founder of ILoveMarketing.com, and creator of 10xTalk.com. Joe is a valued advocate of Strategic Coach and the power of Unique Ability.
If there’s one skill to master that allows you to make more money doing what you love, it’s Unique Ability. Unique Ability is a concept developed by one of my best friends, Dan Sullivan, the founder of Strategic Coach. Dan has done more to help guide my thinking, actions, and confidence in the areas of value creation than anyone else on the planet.
The secret to being successful doing what you love.
Put simply, your Unique Ability is the set of natural talents you’re already amazing at, that give you energy, and that you love doing. When you spend more and more time working in your Unique Ability, you’ll start to see that’s where growth and money lie.
Then, the idea is to hire other people with Unique Abilities that support your own. You want to hire people with the behaviors and skills you’re weak at. If you spend your time doing things that aren’t within your skill set and Unique Ability, it’s like ripping up money and throwing it away.
People say, “Well, I can’t hire anyone because ______.” Yet, it’s hiring people to support your Unique Ability that allows you to do what you do best.
Your Unique Ability is where growth and money lie.Click To Tweet
Investment, not cost.
All of this is an investment, not a cost. Those who don’t get anything out of collaborating with team members look at everything as a cost. If you’re thinking about how much something costs, you’re trying to measure what you’re getting out of it. Instead, when you look at things as an investment, you’ll be thinking about how to enhance and improve everything you do.
The development of your Unique Ability will never cost you anything; it saves you money, it makes you money, and it saves you time.
Everything aligned with who you truly are.
When you aren’t living in your Unique Ability, life is hard.
When you’re mentally doing something that’s incongruent with what you like and out of alignment with what you do and who you are, it drains the life out of you. It takes enormous amounts of energy to live incongruently with who you are. The same is true when you try to adopt someone else’s methodology or system. If it’s not something that aligns with you, it can put you into a negative place.
On the other hand, when you’re living in your Unique Ability, you become more generous and more confident, and you’re much, much happier. You create value for others and for yourself. You create win-win situations.
Figure out where your energy comes from and how it’s sustained. Within that is your Unique Ability. When you live from that place, you’ll not only make a lot more money doing what you love, you’ll have a sense of satisfaction about every part of your work and life.

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How To Be A Game Changer: The Strategic Coach Story

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How To Be A Game Changer: The Strategic Coach Story

What allows people to jump to the next level in their careers? And what enables businesses to take a leap to their next stage of growth?
As I look back to the start of my coaching career, I can see a common trend in how I grew my personal and business capabilities and adapted to the needs of our clients in order to jump to the next level time and time again. And it’s happening again, with my newest level of coaching beginning in April 2018.
The birth of The Strategic Coach Program.
In the very beginning, I was a one-on-one coach, and after seven years of coaching individuals, my partner, Babs Smith, and I began a workshop style of coaching. This was the first of many jumps in my entrepreneurial coaching career.
These types of jumps have happened numerous times since as we’ve added new cities to coach in, new associate coaches, new programs, and new office locations.
Our newest and highest level program, the brand new Game Changer Jump Program, will be made up entirely of individuals who are all doing something to be a game changer in their own industries.
This concept is based on decades of learning and experience, and it feels as natural as any of the other jumps we’ve taken at Strategic Coach.
How to take the next step.
Since the start of Strategic Coach, every one of our workshops has included unique concepts and tools, and these are the building blocks our clients use to take them to higher and higher levels of freedom and success. These tools help them to increase their capability, change their game, and grow their businesses.
Over time, once a sufficient number of people in a workshop group have taken a jump to a new level, I’ll realize that we’re ready to create a higher level of the Program.
So the new programs we introduce aren’t departures from what we were already doing. They’re the furthest stretch of all of the concepts that have made up the Program thus far. We’re always innovating and moving toward that next jump, as our clients are doing the same thing in their businesses.
“When I create something new, I innovate forward and integrate backward.” – Dan SullivanClick To Tweet
How to be a game changer.
Every program we have leads clients to changing how they think about a system, changing the game of that system for them. I’ve realized that in what we do, there’s a constant layering of game changer concepts.
We’ve shown our clients how to take control of their time and how to spend as much time as possible doing what they love doing—just a couple of the game-changing concepts we coach. I implement every one of these changes in my own life before I decide to hold workshops about them. And I’ve watched entrepreneurs use these ideas to take their businesses to new levels, as I have.
From top to bottom, from our beginning to our furthest stretch out, Strategic Coach is a finely tuned, interactive network of game-changing concepts and tools that jump you from one level to the next.


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