Why Unique Ability?

You already have everything within you that you need to create an exceptional life.Dan Sullivan

At the heart of who you are lies the secret to your greatest success, best quality of life, and biggest contribution to the world. This is your Unique Ability—a hard-wired set of natural talents that you’re passionate about doing in every area of life.

It’s you at your best.

A completely different way of thinking.

Has anyone ever encouraged you to improve in areas where you struggle? If you’re like most people, the answer is yes. This is how most of the world thinks and operates. But does it truly make your life better? Do you absolutely love doing it now that you’re better at it? Our guess is no it doesn’t, and no you don’t.

Unique Ability® is a completely different mindset that honors your natural strengths, what’s already within you and comes most naturally to you. It’s you at your very best—the way you create your best results and what people count on you for.

Imagine knowing exactly what your Unique Ability is. The Unique Ability® Discovery Process in Unique Ability 2.0: Discovery leads you to the answer. And to the possibility of having the happiest, most fulfilling, most fun life, whatever that might mean to you.

Four powerful results of defining your Unique Ability.


Everyone has a Unique Ability. Do you know yours? Uncovering the unique set of talents that you have endless energy for—and then coming up with the words to describe it—gives you a depth of self-knowledge that most other people never have. Think of the advantage that can give you.

Even if you do have a pretty good idea of what you do really well and are really passionate about doing, you might take it for granted. Most people downplay it, thinking anyone can do what they do, but that’s simply not true.

You have a unique way of doing what you’re best at because of who you are as a person—your personality, your unique experiences in life, your natural hard-wired talents, your passion, your purpose. No one is exactly like you.

Not appreciating your Unique Ability is a huge stumbling block to actually using it as much as you can and reaping all the rewards that come with that. Once you get that you do have a Unique Ability—and you can put words to it and find more and more ways to apply it—imagine how your life could change.


When you start looking deeper into your Unique Ability, which you’ll certainly do going through the book and the Notebook of exercises, the fuzziness around your Unique Ability will become more clear.

This clarity will be your best filter for every decision you make in life—how you spend your time, the best people you can create value for, the culture you want to be part of, your relationships.

It puts boundaries around the “playground” where you’ll create the most value while having the most fun. It keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. It means less pain, fewer messes, much less frustration—and more creativity, contribution, and impact.


Knowing your Unique Ability is validating. This is the real you. The Unique Ability® Discovery Process, gives you a way to draw that out, put words to it, and truly see the value of it. The result is an immediate boost of confidence.

Once you recognize its value and start making decisions based on it—building your life around it—you’ll have a another huge boost of confidence. Dan Sullivan, founder and creator of the Strategic Coach® Program, says that when you’re confident, you can do anything; when you’re not, you can’t. Knowing your Unique Ability is the greatest confidence-booster we know.


Once you see the value of operating from a Unique Ability mindset, and all that’s possible as a result, you’ll become more and more comfortable giving yourself permission to let go of activities outside your Unique Ability. You’ll be able to draw a line between what you will and won’t spend your time doing—and let go without guilt.

A Unique Ability “right-fit life” is satisfying, rewarding, and fun. Compare that with a life filled with “shoulds.” Instead of basing your life on “should have,” “should be,” and “should do”—trying to mold yourself into someone else’s idea of who you are—Unique Ability gives you the permission, freedom, and confidence to take a stand and do what works best for you. Dan Sullivan has always said, “If you don’t take charge of your future, others will.”

Discovering your Unique Ability is truly a step-by-step process that can take time and practice. Go at your own pace. Do it the way that feels comfortable to you. The trick is to just get started!

Give yourself permission to give up doing one thing you’ve always hated doing, something that you’re not good at and saps your energy. Find a different strategy to get it done. That opens up some space to start doing more of something you love.

No more working on weaknesses! Instead, without apology, start working on the Unique Ability talents that will free you up to be the person you want to be. Your best you.