Unique Ability® Resources

Tools designed to support your personal growth.

Personal growth is courageous, honest, energizing, and uncomfortable. Making the commitment to discover your Unique Ability provides a mindfulness that will change the way you interact with the world.


Enlighten yourself and live a more bespoke life by using these Unique Ability® resources. Designed for personal growth and to elevate your understanding of Unique Ability, they’re useful in all areas of your life.

Unique Ability Scorecard

Score Yourself

Give yourself a score of 1-12 on eight Unique Ability® mindsets and see where you can improve.

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Unique Ability® Book Club

Deepen and positively impact your relationships by setting out on the Unique Ability journey with friends, family, or your team.

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Blog Posts, Articles, & Podcasts

Personal growth doesn’t happen overnight. Shift your outlook with the latest resources about Unique Ability® — and watch as your world starts to change.

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