Welcome to the Unique Ability® Mindset Scorecard.

Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll send you a link to complete the Unique Ability Mindset Scorecard online.

Once you open the scorecard, take three simple steps:

1. Score. Read the statements and choose the one for each category that best aligns with your current reality. Enter your scores. Be honest—for yourself and for your own growth.

2. Aspire. Enter the scores you’d like to have in each category three months from now. The total is your aspirational score.

3. Improve. Make the improvements in your life that will help you to achieve your aspirational score.

Once you discover your base score, you’ll be on the road to improvement. Wherever your scores lie, you have the power to shift your mindsets to design the life you really want, using your natural talents and drive to make a contribution to the world.