The heart of entrepreneurial freedom.

The concept of Unique Ability® is at the heart of Strategic Coach’s 25+ years of coaching successful entrepreneurs. Imagine the spectrum of things you do, and then imagine taking just your Unique Ability—what you’re best at and truly passionate about that creates the biggest results—and expanding it dramatically while building a team of people around you, each with their own Unique Ability, to handle everything else. This is what we show entrepreneurs how to do, and it allows them to grow their business results exponentially while experiencing unprecedented freedom and enjoyment.

3Years_UA-9As an entrepreneur, understanding your Unique Ability brings new clarity and confidence about where to apply your energy and what to focus on to grow your business and experience an unparalleled quality of life. Some describe it as giving themselves permission to do only what they know they’re best at and to delegate the rest. It’s freedom from guilt and complexity, and freedom to create a situation that allows you to make your greatest contributions while also creating opportunities for others whose areas of Unique Ability complement your own.

Entrepreneurs come to Strategic Coach® to build self-managing, self-multiplying companies based on Unique Ability and to continually expand their freedom in the areas of time, money, relationship, and purpose. If you’re here, you’re likely already beginning to explore that process. It starts with you and your commitment to your own Unique Ability. To accelerate your progress, check out our Resources Center at And if you’d like to better understand how we help entrepreneurs achieve these transformations, learn more about The Strategic Coach® Program.